Welcome to the Lansing Bicycle Press

We are dedicated to improving bicycling in Greater Lansing through informing, engaging, and rallying the local biking community. Whether you bike to work or around the block, we will keep you up to speed on what the city and others are doing to encourage (or discourage) us to ride our bikes.

Lansing Bicycle Press was started to gather all the news related to bicycles in the Lansing area in one place. If you know of an upcoming municipal meeting that bikers should attend, a recently completed bike path, or your group would like to share a story, please reach out and we'll contact you about the details and post it here. We will be hosting events to engage the community and get your side of the bicycling story. We all bike for different reasons and our goal is to connect the local bicycling community to bring positive change for all those in Lansing. Please check out the site and add your voice to the conversation.