County Millage Money is Coming In

Dollars from the County Trail Millage are starting to be spent in the City of Lansing. The first project to be done is shown above: the River Trail within Hawk Island Park was resurfaced and widened. This is only the first of many projects within the city. Scheduled projects include:

1. Bridge repair at Lansing Center and Oakland Avenue
2. Replacement of metal steps leading down to the River Trail off of Michigan Avenue
3. Larger parking areas at Maguire and David Parks
4. Pavement repairs on 10 miles (out of 16 total trail miles)
5. New bridge between Potter Park and Aurelius Road (reducing flood closures)
6. Repair of trail near Moores River Drive and Elm Street
7. Bridge repair near Moores River Park

Within the county, most of the money is being spent on bridge repair during the first round of funding. These projects were given high priority for safety concerns (I however have never felt unsafe crossing a bridge on the trail system). It is unfortunate that so much money from a millage to create new trails is being spent on deferred maintenance project.

The next round of funding should include trail extension projects to better connect all the trails together. The tagline for the millage is: "Connecting communities for a better tomorrow!" Maybe it should be, "Fixing yesterday's problems with tomorrow's money!"

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