Bike People

There are a lot of people working to make bicycling in Greater Lansing better. Below is a list of advocacy groups, bike shops, ride groups, and others.

  • Lansing Bike Party

    The Lansing Bike Party is a party on wheels! Every Friday they go on a casual urban group ride of 10-15 miles, looking for adventures around town!

    They ride 10-15 miles at a mellow pace (10-12mph). Meet Fridays at the Peanut Barrel at 6pm. There is a second start at The Avenue in Lansing at 6:30. (Times vary with seasons.) Also sometimes midweek and weekend rides. Theme rides, too!

    All it takes is a bike, a little git up 'n' go, and a sociable attitude. Nothing fancy required. Dress up, dress down. Bring lights if you might ride after dark. They ride in all weather - dress accordingly!

  • Kids Repair Program

    The mission of the Kids Repair Program is to provide positive experiences and educational opportunities in bicycle safety, repair, and maintenance for youth in the Lansing and Tri-County area.

  • Tri-County Bicycle Association - Advocacy Committee

    The Tri-County Bicycle Association formed the Advocacy Committee on March 6, 2012 with the following mission statement:

    • Develop a safer bicycling environment
    • Promote public awareness of bicycle safety issues and concerns
    • Promote bicycle commuting and touring
    • Educate governments, organizations and companies on strategies to encourage safe bicycle travel
    • Work with other organizations to carry out this mission and activities relating to non-motorized transportation
  • MSU Bikes

    MSU Bikes is Michigan State University’s resource for all things bike related. Our mission is to encourage bicycling and provide the accessibility, support, and education necessary to make bicycling an option for the MSU Community.

  • Lansing Bike Co-op

    The Lansing Bike Co-op empowers our community through bicycle education and access. We provide a welcoming space for taking transportation into our own hands.

    The idea behind a bike co-op is a simple one. Provide a space where anyone regardless of race, color, national origin, spiritual belief, age, gender, sexual orientation or physical ability can come and learn the skills necessary to fix and maintain their own bicycle.

    We believe that giving people the tools, materials and knowledge to do the work themselves is a valuable community asset. Through that work the bicycle can become an important tool in the furtherance of individual empowerment.